Saturday, August 05, 2006

Useful terms :)

i have collected some terms in a few different languages that i would like to share... all spellings are phonetic and not intended to be accurate.

komchor - hindi for slacker... literally work-theif, a person who steals by getting a job somewhere and not doing any real work while there.

shingirry - malayalam for sidekick.  nobody likes to do errands alone, it’s always nice to have a shingirry.  and in india, with a billion people, shingirries are aplenty.

goobal - kannada for fool.  i think googoo is the actual word.  i may have concocted goobal.

undah madree - tamil for “so that’s how” or similar.  

don’t think i am launching an assault on these ancient, venerable languages... for their speakers are launching a similar assault on my not-so-ancient-but-still-venerable-i-feel language..  my driving teacher admonished me not to let up on the clutch using only my smallest “leg-finger!”     “Whah?” i gurgled - i had no clue what he was talking about.   “Leg-finger! Leg-finger! the fingers on your legs!” he insisted.   From that i finally figured out that he was talking about toes.  

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