Thursday, July 27, 2006

Drivers say the darnedest things

i was headed to yet another stupid errand, when my driver says to me...“ma’aam, see that lady?”

I looked at the lady he indicated.  She was a solid-bodied lady, dressed in red sari and blouse; not at all beautiful, but she appeared immaculately groomed, with braided hair, coordinating jewelry, and bindi centered on her forehead.  I was about to ask my driver if he had beer goggles on.  “Yeah, so? what about her?” I asked.

“That’s is not a lady.  She is a man.  They are called ”ombideh.“” He practically giggled.  “They really think they are women, but they have men’s bodies.... seeing them is supposed to be the good luck.  If the first thing you see in the morning is one of these ”ladies,“ it is considered the good luck.  Also, cows and dead bodies.”

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