Thursday, July 27, 2006

India has taught me the value of a dollar

it is largely claimed that if you come to india, she will change you.  she certainly has changed me.  I now know the true value of a dollar.

A dollar (as of this push) is worth 46 rupees.  That is no small change.  46 rupees can buy a full meal for you and a friend at a pretty nice restaurant (Friendly’s class), 4 liters of Aquafina, cheap seats at a matinee, or you can get your eyebrows threaded (the ancient counterpart to waxing).

The area where i think most americans would enjoy the cost-savings is in the medicinal area - i pay just 400 rupees ($9) for my monthly supply of three allergy and asthma medications, 150 rupees to see a generalist and 250 rupees for a specialist. There is no insurer picking up any part of the tab, this is all billed to and paid by me, the consumer.  the biggest bargain is my husband’s epilepsy medication - it costs $1/pill without insurance, here it is a little over a dollar (49 rupees) for 10 pills!  Next Tuesday I have an appt. for a slew of routine annual medical checks – 1150 rupees ($24).  

Our daughter was the main reason my husband and I decided to move to bangalore.  Over here, I am able to be anjali’s primary caretaker all 24 hours of the day, assisted by two live-in maids.  When I want to go for work, or any other baby-inhospitable errand, I can leave her at home with two maids, and they mutually adore each other.  I pay these two ladies the same amount I paid one lady to come once a week.  

Maybe overpopulation is the answer after all.  :)

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