Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fun at the BSNL office

The manager at BSNL had four phone lines, each one connected to a different phone.  I guess the multi-line phone is not something the Indian telco manufacturers have mastered.  

The manager also had a cell phone he seemed to prefer.

No teleconferencing either.  The manager had two receivers up to each ear, in that precursor to 3-way calling.  You know, i call you on your first line and then on your second line you call the other guy - then you just repeat what i say to the other guy and vice versa to me.

There were maybe 4 computers in the whole office (all of them looking like stuff you’d find in a data graveyard).  The computers were not on any one person’s desk, but kept at tables nearby so they can be used by more than one person.  And lots of papers on most people’s desks.  

And this was the leading provider of voice and data services in the nation.   Howda!  I think that is Kannada for Wow.  

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