Thursday, September 28, 2006

Problems with Internet connection thru BSNL

My husband’s office has been having problem after problem with their wireless network.  They have subscribed to 2Mbps ADSL line thru the biggest telecom player here called BSNL.  After weeks of tweaking and retweaking, the network guy finally decided the problem must be with BSNL.  

If a customer has a problem with BSNL, they can always phone in and report the problem.  However, what customer feels satisfied when all they get is a complaint number.  Due to the complexity of the problem and the many different languages we might encounter, we decided that an in-person visit be arranged.  

Since the network guy is a bit junior and I feared the BSNL people might try to brush him off, I went with him.  I had nothing better to do, and sometimes, just sometimes, being a foreigner helps your cause. People here have a strange kind of respect for foreigners;  and sometimes they become uberhelpful to foreigners at the expense of helping their countrymen - sometimes I’m so tempted to colonize the place.  

It took us awhile to track down the right chap.  And once we did, the guy seemed pretty helpful and we sat there for an hour while he called up various people to have them check the lines and reset passwords.  And, my goodness, if a lineman hasn’t just walked in the door as i type.  I myself only got back here 10 minutes ago.   But we cannot celebrate just yet...

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