Thursday, September 28, 2006

Just about being a mom...

When you meet other parents, do you feel like you did when you were a kid and met your friend’s parents?

I noticed that I feel really immature when I meet other parents.  Like yeah, I’ve met this woman before, she reminds me of my friend Amy’s mom, or some other friend’s mom.  Then I think, god, I don’t want to hang around her because she’s so serious and mature and that will rub off on me and I will prematurely age.

But maybe it’s about time I age.  maybe it’s good to be serious and mature, then i won’t get yelled at by the security guy at the park for trying out the swings.  

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Kelly said...

I am a new mom, and at 26 I feel less mature than some other moms too. I mean I am brand new to being a mom, but I like to be silly with my DD. I don't want to become too mature, but yet I feel more mature than before I became a mom!