Friday, March 16, 2007

Bru Dependency

I have been trying to overcome the dependency on Bru instant coffee that my stint in India cultivated. Bru - sulpa guttee or kummi guttee or kunjum guttee or a little strong - depending on whom I asked to make it.

Maybe the last bit is why I liked it so much. Magically, it seemed, just when I was about to recognize that I needed a cup, one would appear. Of course, half the time it wasn't precisely as I liked it, but being American and remembering that I would otherwise have to make it myself, I stilly gladly drank it. My husband and his family members would alternately cajole and/or abuse the poor wench (depending on how many others she had screwed up recently) and have her make another cup. When I would point out the wasted materials and potentially hurt feelings of said wench, my husband would say "well, then what the hell are we paying them for? If you feel so bad for them, you drink it or go make me another one yourself."

Sigh. Those were the days.

I have found that being back "home" in America, I cannot recapture my Indian home. I cannot replicate the exact flavor of my kunjum guttee cup, though I have purchased the "export grade" Bru. Is it the curse of homogenization or pasteurization? Or is it because my American cows are fed a controlled diet and not whatever trash is available along the pathways of Bangalore?


Anonymous said...

I'm an Australian married to a Delhi boy - and I have never managed to recreate the Chai I get at my Mother in Laws. A million lessons in the kitchen, boxes and boxes of Brooke Bond tea dragged home with me - Nothing works.

Now after reading your blog I've realised it's not just the's the "girls" who coo "chai Bhabi?" every time I look a bit fragile. Oh India - how I miss you.


Anonymous said...

i too dant recreate the black coffee. we purchased some and brought it backand when we made it in the US, it did not taste the same. maybe it is the good well water in india that affects teh flavor? who knows. i miss that!