Friday, January 05, 2007

booking gas...

I was trying to book another canister of cooking gas the other day. I called up and gave the account number to the surly witch who answers the phone there. The account number ends in a letter - the letter A.

She asked me to repeat the account number for her. I did. Loudly and slowly. No good, again i am asked to repeat it, each time she is getting ruder and ruder.

She says, “no, no, you’re are not giving me a proper number!! what is your account number please? it should end with a letter!”

I said, “it does, i have been telling you it’s the letter A as in APPLE (i wanted to say another A word but then i wouldn’t get my gas booked, would i?)

”Oh, “ she says, light dawning on Marblehead, ”you mean the letter “yay.”


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Anonymous said...

Thats hilarious!

Some of us Indians have problem with pronounciation of certain alphabets. I always say "A" as "YAY", and been a subject for a ridicule for seven years. My wife still makes fun of how I say "Woman" as "Voman", LOL.

Welcome to India, madam!