Friday, January 05, 2007

Kid friendly Bangalore

I took my daughter to a nearby bakery for some snacks with some friends of mine. My daughter had squirmed out of her chair and was moving about the place, since it was almost empty. I wasn’t worried because I could see her thru the glass pastry case. She was behind the case, where the doors open. I thought the doors were closed and figured she couldn’t be much of a menace. To my horror, I saw her hand go inside the pastry case and her finger scooped up a big dollop of cake frosting. I ran over to her and grabbed her, all the while apologizing to a waiter. The waiter says, “That’s OK. No problem.” and squeezes my daughter’s cheek.

If that had happened in Jersey, I’d have to pay for the slice!

While I was paying the cashier, my daughter found where they keep their plates. She started bringing plates to some customers that had just sat down. The customers wanted her to join them for lunch. This place is soo kid-friendly!

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