Thursday, January 11, 2007

I hate it when the maid is right...

I really hate it when the maid, who probably didn't even make it thru
middle school, knows something I, a master's degree holder, do not!

It turns out there are two species of cilantro. One is a big leaf
variety, the other is a small leaf variety. The smaller leaf variety
has more flavor and costs more. I did not know it, but at least I
handled it better than my college senior sister-in-law. The two of
them were arguing in Tamil, and even the vendor was joining in.
Actually, it is wise to argue because sometimes maids and vendors
will connive together to rip off firengi memsahibs just out of
patriotism or caste pride.

Libran lover of harmony that I am, I came up with a compromise. Let's
buy a bunch of both and have a taste test, I told them. All were
happy with that and that is how I found out the maid is right. Aiyo,
I hate that feeling.


Indie Mama said...


Just came across your blog. My husband and I are moving to Pune in a few months with our 1 year old. Would love any advice.


Coni said...

I just ran across your blog. I am living in Bangalore with my fiancee who is from Delhi. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio and I have been living here since the summer of last year. I started reading your old posts and was so surprised! I thought that I was the only one that stared at other foreigners. I know it is rude but how else am I supposed to figure out their life story? Plus I get stared at so much that I figure I have earned it! Your posts are great!!